As Twitchy reported, “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett had until the end of the day April 4 to cough up $130,000 to cover the overtime paid to investigate his claim of a racist, homophobic hate crime by two Trump supporters who yelled, “This is MAGA country!” Or maybe it was two Nigerian-born brothers wearing whiteface underneath the ski masks they were caught on surveillance video buying.

Smollett blew off the deadline, maintaining that he was attacked and it was not a hoax that he staged. Nonetheless, the City of Chicago is following through with its promise to file a lawsuit seeking that $130,000.

The AP reports:

The suit comes after Smollett refused a demand that he send the city $130,106 to reimburse Chicago for overtime as police sought to verify Smollett’s account.

The lawsuit doesn’t include a specific monetary figure, but suggests the amount the city will seek from Smollett will be higher than the $130,000. The complaint lacks the hard-hitting language in the city’s letter to Smollett’s lawyers earlier this month.

Smollett lawyer Mark Geragos said in a letter to the city last week that claims Smollett made the entire thing up were “defamatory,” accusing Chicago of trying to “harass” Smollett and pointing to the dismissal of charges as proof he is innocent.