As Twitchy has reported, pretty much the same people who fell for this lie when it was first spread on social media last May are falling for it again, and some 2020 contenders are making sure to go on record that they support what Mark Elliott is saying here:

Again, we already did this last year and anyone who listened to President Trump’s entire statement in context (it’s not hard to find) knows that he was talking about members of MS-13, not “people asking for asylum.”

Not surprisingly, Republican strategist and CNN contributor Ana Navarro had to jump in and add her two cents:

Yeah, that’s right, President Trump is calling this small boy an animal because he’s seeking asylum in the United States. Uh-huh.

Serious question: How can someone lie so blatantly on social media and still hold down a paid gig as a CNN contributor (to represent the Republican side of the issues, no less)? Never mind … it’s CNN. Of course they don’t care if their contributors spread fake news.

Seriously, we already did this a year ago … if you still don’t know Trump was specifically talking about MS-13, your TDS is obstructing your vision. And your conscience.