Earlier Tuesday we ran a post on the great controversy of Fox News’ Tucker Carlson saying the air that MSNBC’s Chris Hayes “is what every man would be” if feminists had absolute power.

Which is a great line.

It didn’t seem to tickle CNN media guy Brian Stelter, who seems to do nothing else at night other than watch what Fox News is broadcasting and then complain about it; yet he seemed taken aback that one prime time host would ridicule a rival on another network.

Who would attack Chris Hayes on his anniversary? That’s cold.

But back to the point: CNN is — as always — watching Fox News like everybody else who owns a TV and noticing a change in advertisers during “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

“Tucker Carlson’s commercial breaks have had only a smattering of ads from lesser-known brands” — this is what the kids call “concern trolling.” The harsh truth, though, is that those lesser-known brands won’t be lesser-known for long if they keep advertising during Carlson’s show, because people watch Carlson’s show.