For people who have managed to find the right to an abortion and the right to a public education and a right to health care in the U.S. Constitution and are looking for a right to a living wage and the right to a free college education, they sure do harp a lot on the Second Amendment, which means exactly what it says.

Hillary superfan and Democratic operative Peter Daou must have been bored and decided he’d throw this tired argument at the wall again so he could at least enjoy the attention of a ratio.

Don’t ask NRA members about the Second Amendment if you don’t really care to know what it says.

Oh, and get prepared for “the rage” that ensues from Daou’s brilliant question. Only proceed if you think you can handle it.

But back to the original question about “regulated” …

He doesn’t know.

“But the government has nukes, and they’re legit, bro. Vote Swalwell 2020.”

Wow, did you make it through all that rage?

It’s amazing how many people replying to Daou think America has a well-regulated militia called the National Guard and the Second Amendment applies only there.