Here’s quite the scandal reported by Roll Call’s Emily Copp Wednesday: two of the Jewish groups cited by President Trump as calling for Rep. Ilhan Omar’s removal from the House Foreign Affairs Committee are hate groups with neo-Nazi ties.

Kopp puts quotation marks around “Jewish groups,” but we think it would be more accurate to put them around “hate groups.” Why? Because she cites the same source every reporter cites: the Southern Poverty Law Center, whose record on these things is spotty at best.

Kopp writes:

President Donald Trump pushed for congressional leaders to unseat Rep. Ilhan Omar from the House Foreign Affairs Committee this week by citing a letter signed by organizations he described as “Jewish groups” calling for her removal.

But the coalition behind the letter — described by conservative media to be “leading Jewish organizations” — includes groups that maintain no relationship to the American Jewish community and peddle anti-Muslim conspiracy theories.

Signatories include two organizations classified as anti-Muslim hate groups by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Both have ties to the Trump administration: ACT for America and the Center for Security Policy.

Critics say the president’s promotion of fringe anti-Muslim groups with hawkish foreign policy views raises wider questions about the Republican push to unseat Omar from the Foreign Affairs Committee.

We’re a lot less concerned with the Republican push to boot Omar from the Foreign Affairs Committee than we are with the fact that Speaker Nancy Pelosi seated her on the committee in the first place, obviously aware of her previous tweets about Israel having “hypnotized the world.”

And we just checked the SPLC’s website and noticed Omar still doesn’t have her own “Extremist Watch” page like, say, Charles Murray.

And it looks like the Jewish groups smeared in the Roll Call piece are calling for a retraction: