Well, that took a lot longer than we expected. We knew The New York Times would have some sort of hot take eventually on 44 Democratic senators voting to deny medical care to a newborn who survived a botched abortion, so they went with the old standby and pounced on President Trump’s “misleading” tweet about the vote.

Yes, but here we are, disagreeing on protecting the lives of innocent babies. You can call them “babies” once they’re outside the womb, right?

OK, New York Times, do your thing:

First off, what does it matter if babies are “rarely” born alive after abortion procedures? Mass shootings “rarely” occur and yet we have an entire party trying to ban semi-automatic weapons. Transgender students “rarely” are conflicted about which restroom to use. And for what it’s worth, Sen. Sasse’s bill was about those rare occurrences.

Because it chips away at women’s reproductive rights, silly.

We’re certain The New York Times is sending a reporter and photographer to her home right now to get the story.