It feels like we’re writing this post for a second time because we already reported on Washington Post Fact-Checker columnist Glenn Kessler’s take on the arrest by the FBI of U.S. Coast Guard Lt. Christopher Paul Hasson, a self-proclaimed white supremacist with a cache of weapons and a hit list including Democratic politicians and journalists.

President Trump had tweeted about Jussie Smollett’s arrest for perpetrating a hate crime hoax, Kessler noted, but how many times would he tweet about Hasson’s arrest — not acknowledging that Smollett had faked his attack and tried to blame it on Trump supporters, while Hasson was arrested before he could carry out his plans.

Kessler’s tweet was a very transparent wink-wink suggestion that Trump would ignore the white supremacist’s arrest while condemning Smollett’s racist, homophobic, and completely staged hate crime.

Former RNC chair and current MSNBC contributor Michael Steel showed no such restraint in a TV appearance Friday:

“These are his people. And he’s not going to thank law enforcement because he’s probably not happy about what law enforcement did.” Seriously? Trump isn’t happy with the FBI because they thwarted a domestic terror attack by a white supremacist, i.e., “his people”?

Why devote an hour to reporting the facts when you can convene a panel and float outrageous and divisive conspiracy theories?

For the record, Trump did say what Hasson was planning was “a shame,” though reporters pressed him to admit that his rhetoric was in some way responsible for inspiring Hasson, so no bias there.

So let’s get this straight: the press wants President Trump to assume some of the blame for a white supremacist whack job plotting a terrorist attack, but they’ve lost all interest in Gov. Ralph Northam, who likely wore either a Klan robe or blackface and is now on a statewide “reconciliation tour” to make up for his “gaffes.”