On Monday night, CBS Chicago’s Charlie De Mar reported that multiple sources claimed that the threatening letter sent to Jussie Smollett at the “Empire” studios might have been sent by Smollett himself, and when that stunt failed to capture the media’s attention, he staged the “MAGA country” attack as Plan B.

Now ABC News is reporting that, yes, the feds are investigating that letter pasted together from cut-out magazine letters was sent by Smollett himself.

ABC News reports:

The FBI and the US Postal Inspection Service are currently investigating whether Jussie Smollett played a role in sending a threatening letter addressed to him at “Empire’s” Chicago studio prior to the alleged attack, two federal officials confirm to ABC News.

The accusation, made by the two brothers who were persons of interest, has not been confirmed.

The letter, which was sent Jan. 22, is currently in the FBI crime lab for analysis, one of the sources said.

De Mar also reported that the inventory list of evidence compiled by police after they raided the Osundairo brothers’ home included a magazine and stamps — not necessarily unusual items to have around, but we’ll see what the FBI has to say about that.

Here’s the letter for those who haven’t seen it:

Sure looks like a MAGA redneck’s handwriting to us. It’s amazing that thing even got delivered.

Good catch.