The journalists trailing along with Kamala Harris on the campaign trail were awfully upbeat — giddy even — at the prospect of stepping into a vintage clothing boutique and encouraging the 2020 candidate to try on some “slaying lewks.”

We thought it was kind of weird for political reporters to be making wardrobe suggestions, but CNN’s Maeve Reston, for one, encouraged Harris to try on this number:

Brit Hume called out the whole affair as embarrassing, but Reston wants the public to know she has no regrets. Is her defense that the vintage rainbow sequin jacket was just so fly that it excuses the breaking of the boundary between reporter and PR person?

Will you apologize for all of the emoji in that tweet? What the hell does that string of icons mean, anyway? It looks like the sort of thing Chelsea Manning grew out of.

We don’t think that was a joke.


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