To be honest, we saw this tweet float by Monday and decided not to give “independent radical publisher” Dan Arel the attention he so desperately craved, but then on Tuesday we saw a white, male journalist tweet that it’s “f**king dangerous” for Esquire to cover white, heterosexual men as if they were an underrepresented group. That’s pretty triggered over a profile of white, middle-class boys.

So we’ll go back and give Arel a signal boost. The thing is, we’re not necessarily endorsing the tweet to which he was responding, but free speech is better than no speech:

Yeah, we’re not sure about that — a whole lot rides on the definition of “theologically” — but we’re not sure how to get from there to here:

Arel’s not even the first person to make that argument, so the edge on it might not have been what he hoped.

Last we checked, there are white, Christian males, like, everywhere — even in government.

The Pulse nightclub shooter was the U.S. version of ISIS.

It is a bold strategy to defend women pastors.

Wait, the deep thoughts get deeper.

No, you criticized all white, Christian, American males.

Um, is this one of those tweets where he’s specifying ISIS so he can begin history on Sept. 12, 2001?