Here’s a fun fact. Megyn Kelly was fired from The TODAY Show after she suggested that going in blackface for Halloween wasn’t such a big deal when she was a kid, and she walked away from that controversy with her entire $69 million contract intact. Not bad.

Gov. Ralph Northam says he’s not taking the easy way out and resigning after photos of students in blackface and a Klan costume appeared on his personal yearbook page, and he too seems to be suggesting that, way back in 1984 in Virginia, practically every white person was doing blackface.

It might have been commonplace at East Virginia Medical School:

But others disagree with the idea it was “commonplace” when and where Northam grew up. Keep in mind, dude’s only 59.

Remember back in 2013 where there was a mass panic on campus when a student saw a person “in a costume meant to evoke the Ku Klux Klan,” and it later turned out to be another Oberlin student wrapped in a blanket? Or 2015, when the University of Missouri’s student body president freaked everyone out by posting on Facebook that the KKK was confirmed to have been sighted on campus? (They weren’t.)

And then there was the girl who reported a Klan meeting in a classroom, which turned out to be AV equipment like overhead projectors under dust covers.

In the place and time where he grew up … it was.