Don’t get us wrong — there isn’t a day goes by where we don’t see countless tweets going by calling Republicans racists and worse. But it takes a special kind of timing — the same day even Democrats are calling for a Democrat governor to resign over appearing in a yearbook photo either in blackface or a Klan costume (and admittedly donning blackface for a dance contest) — to flatly declare that all Republicans are racists and sh***y people.

Stephanie Wittels Wachs is an author with a book to sell, but it sounds like she doesn’t want her sales spoiled with Republican money, so do her a favor and don’t insult her by buying her book and expecting her to accept cash from a racist.

There is no gray area — not if you properly cover all the white bits with black shoe polish.

“No more old white guys. Time’s up.” Sorry, Joe Biden, even you don’t get a pass. White men are canceled.