When we heard that Sen. Jeff Flake was retiring, we made a lot of jokes about how he would end up as a contributor at either CNN or MSNBC — it seemed the next logical step, after all. That’s where politicians go when they’ve shown they’re worthless as politicians.

Turns out we were close: Flake has taken a gig with CBS News, where he announced that he will not run for president in 2020 and siphon votes from President Trump just like Howard Schultz threatens to do with the Democrat nominee. We have no doubt John Kasich will announce he’s running, though, and be the spoiler for Trump.

It’s perfect, really. Flake is exactly the type of “Republican” networks like to hire to provide balance to their otherwise all-liberal panels.

That’s a shame.

And here’s Donald Trump Jr. with the zinger:

For once, we actually agree with ThinkProgress’ Ian Millhiser:

Liberals were really counting on Flake to be the one Republican senator to hold the president’s feet to the fire, and he always let them down, making him a disappointment to both parties.

Live shot of Jeff Flake in the “CBS This Morning” green room: