If you’ve followed the site for some time now you know Chad Felix Greene, a married gay conservative, is a Twitchy favorite, and he really kicked the hornets’ nest recently with his piece on how coming out as a conservative was more difficult for him than coming out as gay. (“Sports” site Deadspin told Greene and other gay conservatives to “shut the f**k up” in the headline of its witty rejoinder.)

We’ve never heard of Twitter blue-check Indya Moore, but they (we’re not going to assume gender here, sorry) got into a twist with Greene Thursday when he described as “just silly” the idea that male and female bodies are colonial constructs. Party of science, folks.

We believe it all started here:

Makes sense to us. It’s far too often that the government thinks legislation is a valid means of policing how people feel.

We’re gonna skip ahead a bit to the part about bodies being colonial constructs. We think male and female bodies are determined by chromosomes; change our minds.

And he’s white.

Like we said, Deadspin and about a hundred other outlets already told him to shut the f**k up and he’s not going to.

Back up a bit. What happened to “everyone is sexy”? Is Greene sexy transphobic trash or what?

That escalated quickly. Does Greene have to have “cis assumed non-binary white person” in his Twitter bio and on his business cards now? If we’re gonna label people, might as well go all the way.

And trust us; Greene’s followers, including us, were very amused by the whole exchange.


We’re gonna assume that Melania Trump found Donald Trump sexy, so his body must be sexy too.

The thing is, Moore apparently hasn’t blocked Greene yet, ’cause this thing is still going on, but we feel these wrap things up well.

Color us skeptical that male and female bodies are a colonial construct … we’d ask which university’s gender studies department is teaching that, but it’s probably hundreds.

* * *


This explains everything: