MSNBC host Chris Hayes says he’s going to shout this until he’s hoarse, so it must be true. Looks like he was responding to Ari Fleischer:

We don’t see where Fleischer or anyone else suggested seeking asylum is illegal. Sure, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez referred to those seeking refuge in the United States, but there’s a legal way to do it, and are we to assume everyone at the border is truly seeking asylum?

Did we mention Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto launched a program for the migrant caravan dubbed “You are home,” offering shelter, medical attention, schooling, and jobs to Central Americans who agreed to stay in the southern Mexico states of Chiapas or Oaxaca? Yes, we did. But as one migrant said, it was their “destiny” to get to the American border.

That’s why so many migrants leaving the United States for Canada were crossing over at a well-known illegal crossing; they knew if they tried to claim asylum in Canada at a legal checkpoint, they’d be sent back to claim asylum in the United States instead under the 2002 Safe Country Agreement.