Here’s something we’ve honestly never seen before, and we’re not even sure how to feel about it — someone is not only defending CNN’s Chris Cillizza and arguing that he does his job well; he’s suggesting we all lay off of Cillizza because he does his job well.

That’s not going to happen, but hey, at least Cillizza has one fan.

Colby Hall uses as an example the spat Monday between Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Cillizza after he tweeted that the freshman representative had a “slippery slope” on facts and didn’t seem to care, being more concerned with being “morally correct.” Ocasio-Cortez fired back and accused Cillizza of taking her quote out of context.

Weren’t we all supposed to have a fit when a politician — say, the president — called CNN “fake news?” But here’s the young socialist superstar accusing Cillizza of taking her quote out of context on purpose to make her look bad.

It’s really difficult to pick sides in this battle, so we won’t. But it’s our job to dunk on Cillizza. We have a responsibility to uphold.

And only the author.