We haven’t covered actress Ellen Barkin in a while, and we missed her New Year’s Eve tweets about that leaked tape of a set by disgraced comedian Louis C.K. Upon hearing that he’d mocked Parkland shooting victims among others, she tweeted (and then deleted) “i hope louis ck gets raped,” followed by, “and shot at.”

We usually count on director Joss Whedon for tweets fantasizing about rape, but Barkin didn’t seem to appreciate some of the blowback she got both on Twitter and the media. But if you don’t like her tweeting about hoping someone is raped and shot at, why are you following her?

Nah, Ron Perlman would have added Russian bots to the list with racists, misogynists, and anti-Semites.

Maybe … just maybe … people followed Barkin because they were fans of her work but not necessarily of her politics? She sure showed them.

An enduring truth that we should have learned in 2018: