Psst … wanna know a secret? A lot of Democrats still harbor some really strong feelings about the 2016 election; you might have noticed the last two years of marches and protests and rallies and gatherings to literally scream at the sky.

But who’s really to blame for Hillary Clinton’s loss? A lot are still attributing it to Russian meddling; some still cling to the idea that the Russians actually hacked the vote totals. Others, like Nate Silver, place the blame squarely on James Comey, who launched his own October surprise with his letter informing Congress that the investigation into Clinton’s emails was still open.

Still others blame the media for, among other things, covering that email scandal, which they write off as a harmless conspiracy, like Benghazi.

Ian Millhiser of ThinkProgress popped up after Politico ran a piece on how Elizabeth Warren could avoid becoming Clinton redux and opened up a can of really angry worms.

Soledad O’Brien among others retweeted that one, which quickly racked up hundreds of likes. Yes, people actually believe campaign reporters kneecapped Clinton by pursuing phony scandals.

Again, we’re talking about these campaign reporters. You can practically see the MAGA caps on their heads.

Anyway, how angry are people at the press for sabotaging Clinton? Pretty angry.

Did you hear that, Brian Stelter and Jim Acosta?

No kidding. We’re old enough to remember before Trump was Hitler, when Bush was Hitler.