You know, we don’t think we saw this year any organizations offering printable holiday placemats with anti-gun rights talking points on them — something to ease the conversation along — although the New York Times did step up at Thanksgiving with its interactive “Angry Uncle Bot” to provide online practice for those difficult conversations.

“Doctor Strange” director Scott Derrickson had one of those difficult conversations after Christmas dinner and decided to share it with all of us in the holiday spirit:

We honestly wonder how hunter and Christian Chris Pratt manages to work at Marvel Studios — maybe they don’t talk politics at work and save it for family holidays?

But if you stay silent and allow the redneck a**hole motherf**ker Trump-voting ignoramuses to just walk around empowe their inhumane ideologies, how will they know they’re horrible people?

We like Marvel’s movies, but damn do they make it hard to part with that ticket money when the directors and stars just keep tweeting liberal talking points, our favorite being Chris “Captain America” Evans making it clear he was against Betsy DeVos restoring due process to sexual assault cases on campus.