First, a disclaimer: This post originates not only on Reddit, the Wild West of the internet, but it’s found its home in the r/conspiracy Subreddit. Still, it made us curious to look for ourselves.

That graphic might be difficult to read, but what it shows is Google’s suggested searches vs. DuckDuckGos’ suggested searches when the user types in, “hillary clinton e.” Not wanting to peddle in conspiracy theories (like Alice Walker), we tried it ourselves just for kicks.

Here’s what Google suggested when we typed in “hillary clinton e.”

Here’s what DuckDuckGo suggested via autocomplete:

And just for fun, we tried Bing too:

So where are all the Google results on Hillary Clinton’s email scandal?

There might be a perfectly good explanation; maybe Bing users do more searches for information on Hillary’s emails. Google’s CEO had a perfectly good explanation why President Trump appears when users perform an image search for “idiot,” after all:

We can’t say for sure what’s going on behind the scenes, but like @politicalmath said above, this isn’t going to lessen the suspicions of any conservatives who believe the major players in tech are letting their political bias taint their product.