As Twitchy reported Saturday, a black student at Goucher College in Maryland was arrested for sending racist threats on campus, including one targeting himself.

On Monday, Des Moines police charged an 18-year-old Drake University student with making false reports to law enforcement in connection with four of five racist notes found in campus residence halls in November.

The student admitted to writing one of the notes, and also reported receiving at least one of the notes, officials said. So, she sent a threatening racist note to herself, sparking a scare across campus for weeks.

The Des Moines Register reports that about 3,000 students and others held a rally to denounce hate and call for unity among students. One student who spoke at the rally said she felt her life was in danger at Drake.

Students spread an image of one of the notes online with the hashtag, #ThisIsDrake:

“This note is reality” — except it’s not.

Student Kissie Ram received a misdemeanor summons Monday but was not booked into jail, reports the Des Moines Register. Police say Ram could face a fine and be jailed for up to one year.