Seeing as we’re in December now, we just searched Twitter for “Mueller AND Christmas” to see if liberals were again hoping that Special Counsel Robert Mueller would be bringing them President Trump’s impeachment for Christmas, and this was this first search result:

Maybe Sulu up there might want to wish for something different, because even the New Yorker is admitting that Mueller faces some “formidable barriers” to filing criminal charges against the president:

“It seems virtually certain that Trump’s fate will ultimately be determined in the political arena rather than the courts,” writes John Cassidy. In other words, he’ll have to be voted out in favor of Beto O’Rourke or Cory Booker or maybe Michael Avenatti.

Feel free to read the piece to learn all about the barriers Mueller faces, but we think you know them already:

Just for fun, here are some more Christmas wishes and Santa Mueller mashups: