It’s been a wild week on Twitter: Jesse Kelly was “permanently” banned with no option to appeal, but then had his account restored anyway. And of course, you know that Laura Loomer, who was banned after posting a tweet criticizing Sharia law, has handcuffed herself to Twitter’s headquarters to protest.

In the meantime, teen conservative CJ Pearson has had his account locked because Twitter says he’s under the age of 13 and therefore not allowed to create a Twitter account. (He’s 16.)

For what it’s worth, Twitter locked Pearson’s account back in June also, again citing the age requirement. (He was 15 then.) Here’s what Twitter said at the time:

So back in June they accidentally locked out everyone they thought was under 13, so what’s the excuse this time?

* * *


Pearson’s back, but he’s lost a lot of followers:


Credit to Twitter for giving an explanation, although it’s the same explanation they gave back in June. Isn’t that fixed yet?