We’re sorry to do another post on the Washington Post, but we just can’t get over the paper’s obsession with that hallway of red Christmas trees in the White House. As Twitchy reported, the Post did a piece on them Tuesday, calling them “spooky” and triggering of “flashbacks to phantasmal nightmares from our shared cultural memory.”

One story on red Christmas trees should cover it, you’d think, but on Wednesday the Post published not one but two more pieces about them. The first, not so obviously meant to be humorous, called it “Melania Trump’s nightmare forest.”

But columnist Monica Hesse even managed to work them into her piece about the first lady’s “gaffes” and how the role of first lady might need to change.

Kind of ironic how they label the tweet, “Perspective.” But first, the trees:

This week, her office unveiled the White House Christmas decor, which included a roomful of blood-red trees that looked like leftover props from “The Babadook”— and let me tell you, Melania has definitely given us a useful conversation.

The trees were roundly mocked as horrifying. Obviously, she didn’t build them herself. (She didn’t even show up for the unveiling, which prompted more consternation.) But she did sign off on them, presumably. They’re technically under her purview.

“The trees were roundly mocked as horrifying” … writes the columnist who just said they looked like props from “The Babadook.”


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