So, obviously, some white supremacists were trying to scare black voters away from the polls in Mississippi where Democrat Mike Espy, who is black, faces Republican Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith in a runoff election Tuesday, so they hung nooses from the trees outside the Mississippi State Capitol.

That’s what you’d think, anyway, from tweets like these:

That tweet alone has been retweeted around 1,500 times, but there’s more to the story … judging by the signs that were left next to the trees, it looks like the nooses were hung by supporters of Espy. At least one of the “hate signs” admitted that they were being hung “to remind people that times have not changed.”

But of course, people blamed Republicans.

Judging by the signs, they were put up by Espy supporters, whose apparent intention was to remind people of Mississippi’s racist past and get them to vote for the black Democrat and not for the Republican woman who doesn’t “respect the lives of lynch victims.”

Nevertheless, police would like to know who was behind the nooses.


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Phil Kerpen has questions: