Failed Texas senatorial candidate Beto O’Rourke (it looks like he’s sticking with Beto for now) published a blog post Sunday on his thoughts on how to handle the migrant caravan that doesn’t exist and even if it did exist is 1,000 miles away and won’t reach the U.S. border before Christmas at least.

It should also tell us something that she could have ended her trek a thousand miles earlier by accepting Mexico’s offer of asylum and promise of shelter, medical attention, schooling, and jobs made back in October.

O’Rourke can’t believe the administration’s response so far is “taking kids from their parents, locking them up in cages, and now tear gassing them at the border” — all things which happened during Barack Obama’s administration as well. Guess ol’ Beto was too busy trying to nail some sweet skateboard moves to notice.

The best part of his brief post is the suggestion that we follow U.S. law — and if you cross the border illegally, you’ve broken U.S. law. But that’s not what he means:

Let’s do this the right way and follow our own laws. Allow asylum seekers to petition for asylum at our ports of entry. They must do so peacefully and follow our laws; but we must also ensure the capacity to effectively and timely process those claims (right now 5,000 waiting in Tijuana and only 40 to 100 are processed a day).

Wow, 5,000 asylum seekers are waiting in Tijuana? It’s like they formed a giant caravan of thousands to arrive at the same time and overwhelm the U.S. legal system or something.

Sounds good to us; grant asylum where warranted. But again, these people were already offered asylum but thought it was their “destiny” to reach the U.S.