So already this morning we’ve had Amanda Marcotte lamenting that “Republicans lost the popular vote in Senate races by over 15 percentage points, but still gained two seats.”

We blame Vox’s Ezra Klein for starting this disturbing trend with his thread about the “House popular vote”, and now there’s a Senate popular vote we have to worry about.

Democrats, a catch-all which includes just about everyone in the mainstream media, really haven’t been happy with our constitutional republic since Hillary Clinton lost, and now they’re itching to have both the Electoral College and the Senate abolished.

NBC News’ Ken Dilanian is among those who seem concerned about the existence of the Senate and the way each state gets two Senators — funny how they always complain about rural states and not the itty-bitty ones that make up liberal New England.

And yes, he’s complained about the way the Senate works before. Where were these hot takes during the Obama administration?

And …?

But we thought liberals were all about protecting the rights of minorities.

Guys — the Senate represents the states. That’s how it works. And which party always seems to discover the need to change the way government works when it doesn’t win?

Yes, thanks again.