No one asked, but Senate candidate and former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, who wanted to kill Big Bird, kept women in binders, and once drove with the family dog on the roof of the car, has weighed in on President Trump’s suggestion that the (fake) news media is the enemy of the people, saying in a blog post that he “cannot conceive of thinking or saying that the media or any responsible news organization is an enemy.”

Oh, Mitt. We fought for you, man.

Honestly, we just Googled “Mitt Romney dog car” and instantly found stories from the Washington Post, the New York Times, NPR, the New York Daily News, TIME (“Romney’s Cruel Canine Vacation”), the Toronto Star, Slate, the Huffington Post, Forbes, The Hill, ABC News (“Dog on Roof? What Was It Like for Romney’s Pooch?”), the Daily Beast, the Boston Globe (“What Our Fascination About Mitt Romney’s Dog Says About Our Culture”), the Seattle Times, the Christian Science Monitor, Jezebel, the Texas Observer (“Romney’s Dog Story Will Make You Hit the Roof”), the Daily Mail …

Oh, how we fought for you.