Attorney Lisa Bloom is no fan of Donald Trump. You might remember that she hosted the press conference where Kathy Griffin — who was in hot water for posing with the president’s bloody, disembodied head, ISIS-style — tearfully explained how she was being bullied by Trump because he called her out on it in a tweet.

Now Bloom is pushing the tired myth that right-wing terrorism has killed more on U.S. soil than Islamic extremism — it’s important to start the clock at a certain date, though.

First, no one knows yet who is sending the threatening packages to the Clintons and Barack Obama and Eric Holder and John Brennan. And second, we seem to recall a very deadly attack by radical Muslims, and it really wasn’t that long ago.

And we realize it’s a lot to ask, but could we drop the #MAGABomber thing until we know a little more?