There’s been a strong and consistent message out of the White House that the thousands making up the migrant caravan should reconsider their plans, and now according to Bloomberg News correspondent Eric Martin, it looks like Mexico’s president, Enrique Peña Nieto, if offering similar advice.

We’d have to figure out under whose airspace the caravan is currently traveling, but couldn’t we airdrop leaflets so we’d at least know the message was delivered.

Again, a valuable message, but is it one the press corps embedded with the army of migrants (yeah, we said “army”) might be willing to pass along? Or are we just going to get attempts at tear-including human interest stories about what these people have chosen to put their children though?

For what it’s worth, President Trump doesn’t think Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador did nothing to stop the caravan, and he’s “not exactly thrilled” with Mexico either. Is Nieto just talking, or is he going to do something? We’re not optimistic.

At least it’s not former president Vicente Fox piping in with another midterm endorsement. Next time someone sees him, ask him why the caravan wouldn’t want to stop and live in Mexico? Why isn’t his wonderful country their destination?