Writer Ashley Feinberg is as partisan as they come — she’s the one who turned over ownership of Deadspin to Ted Cruz, whom she then called “a pathetic a**hole.”

When the late Sen. John McCain announced he was going to vote for the GOP tax bill, the HuffPost reporter tweeted, “Congratulations to John McCain’s wife and children on their upcoming tax-free inheritance.” Then, as Henry Kissinger’s name trended while he was eulogizing McCain, she tweeted that his name trending “briefly got my hopes up.”

On Friday, after the Senate Judiciary Committee released a letter signed by 65 women attesting to Brett Kavanaugh’s character, Feinberg immediately went in search of women who were contacted and didn’t sign.

What he said.

Attention everyone on Feinberg’s feed who’s asking how the list came together so quickly or how much the women were paid: The Weekly Standard has already answered that for you.