On Wednesday night, Sen. Kamala Harris told MSNBC’s Chris Hayes it was wrong to call women being carried out of the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings struggling and screaming “hysterical,” and yet we’re to believe that his confirmation is a matter of life and death for women.

The New York Times’ Paul Krugman isn’t satisfied to settle for that worn old talking point though, so on Thursday, he published his own hot take: confirming Kavanaugh will kill the Constitution.

We’re waiting to read the anonymous op-ed from a headline writer for The New York Times who’s ashamed of the ridiculous takes the paper prints but just soldiers on for the cause.

OK, Krugman, what’s your angle?

After all, if Kavanaugh is confirmed, we will be trying to navigate a turbulent era in American politics with a Supreme Court in which two seats were effectively stolen. First Republicans refused even to give President Barack Obama’s nominee so much as a hearing; then they will have filled two positions with nominees chosen by a president who lost the popular vote and eked out an Electoral College win only with aid from a hostile foreign power.

How many times do we have to remind liberals that all the whining in the world over the popular vote doesn’t change the fact that Hillary Clinton lost? And not because of Russia — because she was a horrible candidate.

How ironic that having the Senate confirm a SCOTUS nominee nominated by the president, as laid out in the Constitution, will kill the Constitution.

He sure did.