The Daily Wire’s Ashe Schow has been the go-to journalist when it comes to the hot mess that is college tribunals that stand in for courtrooms when a student is accused of sexual assault. And she has some really good advice for Rolling Stone:

Yes, Rolling Stone — the magazine that published a horrific — and completely fabricated — account of a gang rape at the University of Virginia now is going to weigh in on Education Secretary Betsy DeVos bringing due process back. Writer Sabrina Erdely and Rolling Stone were found liable of defamation with actual malice on multiple claims, and three fraternity brothers filed suit for “mental anguish and severe emotional distress” caused by the article.

So, yeah, the magazine that wrote the book on false accusations of rape on campus has now published a hit job on Betsy DeVos, who’s trying to prevent exactly that sort of thing from happening.

“The education secretary seems to be listening to the men’s rights groups she’s met with, and is reportedly working on new policies that would roll back protections for sexual assault survivors,” the piece reads.

Roll back protections? Definitely sit this one out, Rolling Stone.

They probably consult the great legal minds in the gender studies department.