It seems like only yesterday — in fact it was yesterday — that we were ragging on The Washington Post’s Aaron Blake for trying to make a controversy out of President Trump saying, “I remember Pearl Harbor” — even though Trump hadn’t been born yet and wasn’t present at Pearl Harbor.

And here were are one day later, and we’re struck by the framing of a story about Education Secretary Betsy DeVos … it’s almost as if The Post were trying to generate outrage by making it sound like DeVos was empowering rapists on college campuses.

Yes, it called “due process” and it’s a concept that many college campuses thought they could do away with, with so much toxic masculinity floating around on campus — just look at the protests outside a frat house at the University of Virginia, where thousands gathered out of anger over a since-debunked Rolling Stone article about a gang rape that never happened.

“A motive that simply isn’t there.” Yeah, well journalists actually believe they aren’t politically biased, either.

Media coverage of DeVos and Title IX reform last fall was indeed uncharitable and led the unhinged to tweet crap like this:

But we’re sure this tweet from Blake won’t set off those already primed to explode.