Maybe, like us, you weren’t pleased to find out that the Obama administration was secretly flying pallets of cash to a country where they routinely chant “death to America” in the streets. That doesn’t sound like the ideal “deal partner” to us, but it did to them.

Now that President Trump is in office and taking a hard line with Iran, warning Iranian President Rouhani to “be cautious,” CNN has decided to interview some Iranians to find out just what those “death to America” chants really mean.

The piece is mainly a string of “man on the street” interviews with Iranians who are busy just living their lives, but CNN did find one person to justify that headline:

… Sajud Ibrahimi, 25, in civilian clothing with a large backpack, said: “The people of USA are very respectable. When we chant ‘death to America,’ it’s to the government of America not the people. We have no problem with the people of the USA.”

This is the curious paradox of the standoff between the “Great Satan” and the country Trump once threatened with a crushing military response. When their people meet, they appear to get along okay. It’s just their leaders — Iranian conservatives and American Republicans — who regularly clash.

Huh … that sounds exactly like the hot takes of American celebrities who call the NRA a terrorist organization with children’s blood on its hands, but then claim they’re not referring to the NRA’s 5 million members who are great people, only the organization’s leadership.