You know, it really hasn’t been that long since Twitchy reported on rioting in Sweden — it was February 2017 to be exact, and President Trump had just “provoked widespread consternation by seeming to imply, incorrectly, that immigrants had perpetrated a recent spate of violence in Sweden.” Remember this hot take?

More learned types, like Vox’s Matthew Yglesias, blamed the violence on a lack of affordable housing for refugees, who were then concentrated in small areas without jobs.

So the question now is, what’s going on in Sweden tonight? Peter Imanuelsen is a freelance journalist there:

Here’s Google’s translation of a report in the Aftenposten:

About 60 cars have either been bullied or exposed to vandalism in Gothenburg and elsewhere in southern Sweden on Monday evening. The fires should have been started by black-dressed youths.

“It’s closer to 60’s of cars that have burned or been vandalized in several places, and we have found more stones and chinaput,” police inspector Claes Dahlström told SVT.

Wonder which youth are behind the car fires this time around?

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This guy was reacting to a post on the riots at, but we suppose we deserve a good talking-to as well:

Are there any openings at Vox?


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