The New York Times’ Sarah Jeong’s tweets about hating white people really stirred up the conversation about race and racism last week, including just who can be racist, who can’t, and why.

We might as well keep the outrage ball rolling and share this piece from Marie Clarie in which a Latina argues that singer Rihanna culturally appropriated her thin eyebrows on the cover of Vogue from “chola” (female gang member) culture.

Krystyna Chávez writes:

Considering it was highly unlikely that Rihanna had suddenly joined a gang, and seeing as the Caribbean singer wasn’t exactly raised on the streets of East L.A., my Mexican-American heart was deeply confused, and deeply annoyed.

As a minority, I know I’m always one step away from being judged negatively based on how I look. I know that if I stepped out with these brows tomorrow, I would face such intense judgement that would just feed into the negative stereotype many minorities work very hard to avoid. Not all of us have the luxury of drawing on some eyebrows and calling them fashun—even if RiRi does look gorgeous, and even if it’s just an editorial spread meant to look pretty and harmless and inspirational.

Minority or not, stopping people from judging other people based on their looks isn’t going to happen anytime soon. So … racist?


Don’t worry if you don’t like Rihanna’s pencil-thin eyebrows; the unibrow is the next big thing: