AJ+, the online news channel run by Al Jazeera Media Network, is reporting Monday that West Hollywood’s City Council is considering a resolution that would permanently remove President Donald Trump’s star from the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

When we checked in late July, a vandal had destroyed the star, and it looked like the Hollywood Historic Trust was on the hook for up to $30,000 in repairs and maintenance.

Maybe the city council just wants the star gone to remove the headaches of protesters vandalizing it, or maybe they’ve come up with a really wide range of reasons why someone shouldn’t have a star.

Trump’s climate change denial? For real? And don’t make us laugh by citing Trump’s “disturbing treatment of women” — although that would let Kevin Spacey and his adjacent star off the hook.

Maybe the city could just hire brave Ron Perlman to patrol the Walk of Fame and pee on the stars he doesn’t like.

They probably will: liberals have already found excuses to give him the Nobel Peace Prize, a Grammy or two, and the RFK Human Rights award, among others.

So, it’s just another hollow, politically driven resolution to make council feel good about themselves? That figures.

Better yet, find this woman from a couple years back and pay her to guard it:


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