Netroots Nation is going on right now, and we kind of love it, because it attracts everybody on the fringe left and then exposes all the ideological divisions between them — it’s a great venue for blue-on-blue action. They’ll boo Rep. Nancy Pelosi, they’ll flay Martin O’Malley for saying that all lives matter, Bernie supporters will clash with Hillary die-hards, Black Lives Matter will forcibly hijack the stage … it’s great.

A lot of buzz this year seems to be around democratic socialism, thanks to the primary win by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the gubernatorial campaign of Cynthia Nixon. NBC News’ Chuck Todd asked Markos Moulitsas about it, and he said Democrats had better embrace socialism since Republicans will call them all communists anyway.

Anyway, that’s a big part of the split between Democrats this time around — should they play to the middle or go full-on socialist? — and we’re here for it.

Looks like CNN and Jake Tapper were on the Netroots story a couple of days ago and came to the same conclusion: the Democrats are moving even further left and it’s making the establishment nervous.

Keep pushing, Mr. President!