We’d actually kind of like to stop making fun of David Hogg’s tweets — he is just a kid, really — but even his Twitter background image is a large banner reading, “The young people will win.”

Sadly for him, the young people don’t seem to be turning out to register to vote, not even in Parkland, Fla.

But he remains convinced the young people are the solution to the country’s problems, so much so that he envisions every member of Congress having a young person — that’s it, just a young person, hanging around, in case there are any policy decisions that need a young person’s perspective.

How young are we talking? Because a lot of Congressional staffers are pretty young. Does he mean a high school kid? So, say, Sen. Orrin Hatch would have his own designated young person to run ideas past?

Not this classmate:

And kids and grandkids of their own. But these would be different young people … we think?

Plus, we need to lower the voting age to 13. An actual adult person at Bloomberg View said that.