Remember last summer when Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was doing a very campaign-like tour of all 50 states, dropping in on regular families for dinner and, oh yeah, hiring Democratic pollster Joel Benenson, who advised President Obama and was a chief strategist of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign?

It sure seemed like Zuckerberg was testing the waters for a 2020 run for president as a Democrat, but he’s in hot water with liberals today after a BuzzFeed News report that Zuckerberg called Donald Trump after the election to congratulate him.

There more to the story than that — apparently internal memos show Facebook saw the Trump campaign as an “innovator” on the social media platform — but the phone call is bad enough:

In the days following Donald Trump’s election victory over Hillary Clinton, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg placed a secret, previously unreported call to the president-elect during which, sources told BuzzFeed News, he congratulated the Trump team on its victory and successful campaign, which spent millions of dollars on advertising with Facebook.

The private call between Zuckerberg and Trump, which was confirmed by three people familiar with the conversation, is just one in a series of private endorsements from Facebook employees of the Trump campaign’s ad efforts on the platform. The company declined to comment on the call. The White House press office did not respond to a request for comment.

Is this going to be another Elon Musk thing where it turns out a successful CEO was — shocker! — covering his butt by backing both parties? Or does this just prove that Zuckerberg is a big Trump supporter?

Well, conservatives can rejoice and return to Facebook, ’cause it looks like outraged liberals are all deleting their accounts. Congratulations, Zuckerberg — you’re the subject of today’s Two Minutes Hate.

“Worse than wearing a MAGA hat on Fox News” … that cracks us up. Someone Photoshop that on Allegra Budenmayer.

Yeah, a public phone call would have been the best course of action. Just set up a conference call and invite the entire nation to dial in.

Zuckerberg? You think?