We’ve already covered a lot of the hysteria around President Trump’s nomination of Judge Brett Kavanagh to the Supreme Court, but so far, the biggest dirt liberals seem to have uncovered is that he bought baseball tickets on a credit card and has a frat-boy first name.

So if that’s all the Democrats have to take him down, what strategy should they pursue? California Congressman Ro Khanna thinks Democrats should study up on the Robert Bork confirmation hearings — because those were a highlight of intellect and civility.

Our favorite bit is the question, “Who will narrate ads like Gregory Peck?” Heck, just call any of your friends in Hollywood, starting with the ones who made ads begging electors to flip their votes to Hillary. You know Martin Sheen would do it in a second.

Something tells us, though, that Democrats aren’t going to be able to “Bork” Kavanaugh.

We don’t think there’s anyone who could fill Ted Kennedy’s shoes — his case was … unique.

Yeah, great plan trying to “Bork” Kavanaugh. Please give it your best shot.