As Twitchy reported Tuesday, the last of the boys trapped in a cave in Thailand for two weeks was finally rescued by divers. American entrepreneur Elon Musk had whipped together a “tiny, kid-size submarine” made from the liquid oxygen transfer tube of the Falcon rocket but it was never deployed in the rescue.

We bring all this up because Musk made an interesting point about the media and the word billionaire in the context of the rescue attempt.

He’s got a point, although you never really hear about billionaire Tom Steyer as much as you do Democratic fundraiser Tom Steyer, do you?

We’re not sure who London-based comedian Avery Edison is, but she does have a coveted blue check and she seems to have been triggered by Musk’s statement.

We’re not ashamed to admit we’re disturbed that a tweet denouncing capitalism as a cancer on society managed to garner nearly 14,000 likes — um, where do you think those iPhones you used to “like” the tweet came from?

Again, we’re not familiar with Edison’s comedy, so we can’t compare its worth to building a mini-sub or founding SpaceX or Tesla or PayPal. But if this tweet is an example, it’s not very good.