CNN’s Chris Cillizza thinks he’s figured out President Trump’s pick to fill Justice Anthony Kennedy’s seat, and just so you know, it has nothing to do with her qualifications, but the image Trump wants to project. She checks all the boxes, see?

Cillizza insists that for Trump, image is everything — which is not a take we remember him floating when Trump chose Neil Gorsuch. But now that a woman, Amy Coney Barrett, is in line for the seat, it’s all about “central casting” — again, not a take we remember when Gorsuch was nominated.

Cillizza writes:

For Donald Trump, image is everything.

How you look is a major marker for how you will do in Trump’s world. You need to look the part for him to imagine you in the job. Your personal story has to stand out in the crowd.

That “central casting” view of the world goes for reality TV contestants, Cabinet picks and, yes, likely even Supreme Court justices.
By that logic, Trump’s pick to replace retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy — which he is set to announce July 9 — is simple. It’s Amy Coney Barrett.

Coney Barrett is, among other things:

  1. A woman
  2. A mother of seven
  3. Young (in her mid-40s)
  4. A person of faith
  5. Reliably conservative, particularly on social issues

Or, just maybe, she’s the best person for the job.

But can they?


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