Stephen Gutowski of The Free Beacon is the reporter to consult when the topic is guns, and he reports Thursday that April is the second month in a row that gun sales have hit a record high.

Is the concentrated gun control push by the #MarchForOurLives crowd and their targeted campaign against the NRA responsible? Or maybe it has something to do with villages like Deerfield, Ill., passing gun bans and requiring all citizens to surrender their “assault weapons” to the government?

Gutowski reports:

April 2018 saw the most gun-related checks run through the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s background check system.

The National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) ran 2,233,213 checks in April, according to an FBI document. That’s nearly 90,000 more checks than the previous April record set in 2016. It also represents the second month in a row to set a record with March seeing 2,767,699 checks.

In any case, gun sales are through the roof, as Gutowski shared in a Twitter thread:

What was that they said about President Obama having been the best gun salesman there ever was? It looks like the anti-NRA Parkland activists might have claimed that title.

But if the government ever does decide to confiscate firearms, it’s got a big job ahead of it.