As Twitchy reported Friday, former FBI director James Comey posted a photo of himself in Ames, Iowa, posing next to the world’s largest concrete garden gnome. And as everyone in the beltway knows, the only reason to ever go to Iowa (or anywhere in flyover country) is to court voters. Was that photo Comey’s first hint at a 2020 presidential run?

If we assume the answer is “maybe,” then Saturday’s tweet from Iowa really does feel like a solid “testing the waters” post.

Comey had best not count on Kathy Griffin’s vote: the “comedian in exile” must be among those who believe it was Comey’s October surprise that cost Hillary Clinton the election in 2016.

What? Liberals used to love Comey, before they hated him, and then loved him again when his book came out, and now hate him again now that the OIG report is out.

Can we talk for just a minute about all of that new growth?