You know how you never hear about things like, say, the mistreatment of illegal immigrant children when a Democrat is in charge, and suddenly the story explodes when there’s a Republican in the White House?

The same sort of thing happens with George Orwell; was the Obama administration spying on journalists and maybe even the opposition candidate? Sure, but you never heard any references to “Big Brother” then. Lefties only like to cite Orwell when one of their guys is in charge, which does a great disservice to a writer of Orwell’s foresight.

Cody Cain over at Salon seems to have pulled Orwell’s “Animal Farm” off the shelf recently and decided to use it as a yardstick to measure whether President Trump fits the profile of an authoritarian dictator. Gee, we’re dying of suspense … does he?

Remember, of course, that the villain of “Animal Farm” is a pig named Napoleon, intended as a stand-in for Stalin.

Instead of offering constructive plans of his own, Trump, like Napoleon, unleashed attack dogs against his opponents. And like the sheep supporting Napoleon that repeatedly bleated out a mindless slogan that stifled dialogue, Trump’s flock of sheep bleated out their own mindless slogans, such as “lock her up,” “build the wall” and “CNN sucks.”

Trump and Napoleon both play upon the fears of their constituents, to cast themselves as indispensable protectors. Napoleon repeatedly reminds the animals of the grave threat of humans returning, even though Napoleon’s rule is unrelated to whether humans might return.

Similarly, Trump constantly stokes the fears of the populace over immigration, crime committed by immigrants, the immigrant gang MS-13, terrorist attacks, large numbers of Muslims entering the country, China stealing American jobs, inner-city crime and so on.

By selecting only pigs as members of the ruling elite, Napoleon creates a system of racial discrimination. Trump has also been accused of racial discrimination.

OK, that’s enough. To be honest, we actually checked Cain’s brief bio at the end of the piece to see if Cain was a high school student filling in on Memorial Day.

Salon seems to have a thing about the Trump presidency being a dictatorship: