The Daily Beast’s Sam Stein is on another fishing exhibition, and this time he’s looking for anyone who might have worked in housekeeping at the Ritz Moscow in 2013 and had to clean up some sheets that, perhaps, might have been peed on.

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If you followed Twitter like we follow Twitter, you’d know there are way too many people out there with hopes invested in the “pee pee tape” being released. You know, the one that shows Donald Trump paying prostitutes to urinate on the bed where the Obamas once slept. It’s in the Steele dossier, so it must be true, right?

Stein seems to have been inspired by a new story claiming that despite what he has said, Donald Trump did stay overnight in Moscow after the Miss Universe pageant.

Check out this amazing research from Bloomberg:

At this point, the flight records support a narrow slice of what Trump told Comey: On the night of the pageant itself, the plane Trump was said to be using didn’t fully overnight in Russia. Ruffin’s Bombardier took off from Vnukovo airport at 3:58 a.m. Moscow time, the records show.

When the jet touched down at Newark Liberty International Airport, just outside New York City, it was still Sunday morning — 4:11 a.m. local time. That evening, Trump tweeted about his return, “I just got back from Russia-learned lots & lots. Moscow is a very interesting and amazing place!”

Judd Legum of ThinkProgress is pretty excited by the news:

University of New Hampshire law professor Seth Abramson was pretty jazzed about the flight records being released:

Abramson actually posted a 30-part thread, which we’re not going to get into here, except for the juiciest bits.

So, what happened in Moscow in 2013? Won’t someone on the housekeeping staff come forward and blow this thing wide open?

This is never going to end, is it?


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