Hillary Clinton already offered up 512 pages of excuses for her 2016 election loss in “What Happened,” and she’s added to those reasons in TV appearances and speeches around the world. But so far we haven’t heard her bring up a fake sex tape allegedly pushed by Russian trolls.

NBC News has the exclusive.

Just doin’ some research at work …

Ben Collins reports:

One of [Reddit user] Rubinjer’s posts on Reddit’s largest pro-Trump community, r/The_Donald, titled “This is How Hillary gets black votes,” links to an animated gif of the fake porn video that is still available on the platform. The same sex tape was posted five times to PornHub under the name “Leaked Hillary Clinton’s Hotel Sex Tape with Black Guy,” and also the porn site SpankBang.

The video was viewed more than 250,000 times on Pornhub.

A whistleblower from the Internet Research Agency, former employee Alan Baskaev, told Russia’s TV Rain last October that the troll farm had created a fake Hillary Clinton porn video. The video itself had not been credibly tied to a troll farm account until Reddit released usernames tied to the Russia-linked agency Tuesday.

Full disclosure: the existence of a “Hillary sex tape” is news to us. Is there a word that means “the opposite of click-bait”?