If there’s one thing we love at Twitchy it’s a poll that backfires gloriously. George Takei has deleted his polls when they backfire, and he didn’t do much good trying to help Alyssa Milano’s upside-down poll on whether you’d like to see Trump resign. Of course, Takei blamed the Trump bots for ruining the poll.

Now we’ve stumbled upon a poll about the biggest danger to the U.K. created by “non-binary socialist & LGBTQIAPK activist” Edith Llwellyn-Holmes of Canterbury, England, and it doesn’t seem to be going zher way. (We’re using zher pronouns of choice for this post.)

In any case, things seem to be upside down: with more than 160,000 votes tallied, Islam is leading the pack at 67 percent, followed by Brexit at 18 percent, far-right extremists at 9 percent, and Russia at 6 percent.

Something tells us this “fierce Corbynista” wasn’t planning on Islam charting quite so high.

Funny how the poll didn’t right itself even after zhe gave readers the “correct” answer.